At Fremont Street Advisors, we are 100% committed to growing your revenue and reputation within the Mortgage Servicing Industry through our strategic approach to business development and innovative marketing process.

Whether you're a default law firm, title company, tech company or vendor to banks and servicers, we have the relationships and expertise to get new contracts and grow your brand.

Fremont Street Advisors proudly represents firms in FL, NY, NJ, VA, PR, CA, AR, NV, WA and OR.





Our expertise and connections will bridge the gap between your business and success.

We combine our mortgage banking + default industry knowledge with our curated matrix of industry contacts to generate new revenue for you. Let us connect you to the decision makers:

  • Foreclosures

  • Evictions

  • REO

  • Bankruptcy

  • Consumer Collections

  • Originations


We are communications specialists with more than two decades of marketing + corporate communications expertise. And now our experience is your opportunity. 

We will develop a personalized Marketing plan that will elevate your messaging and connect you to the right audience.

Our marketing services:

  • Branding

  • Marketing Materials 

  • Promotional Events 

  • Media Exposure

  • Media Training 

  • Social Media Content 

  • Industry Messaging 



Joel Winters

PRESIDENT/Business Strategist

Mr. Winters has been providing default solutions to servicers for almost a decade and has been responsible for tens of millions of dollars in revenue generation. With his understanding of the default space, combined with his servicer connections, he can help drive new revenue to your law firm or tech company. Connect at

Patty Jimenez Winters

COO/ Marketing & Communications Strategist 

Patty has more than 20 years of experience and success in the broadcast and communications industries. Mrs. Winters knows media and what they want to see and cover. Let's make you the talk of the town and turn that talk into revenue! Connect at




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